CSB Board


Control Surveillance Board (CSB) with VHF, UHF, HF and AM Frequency Applications
Make life easy and control your site remotely!

A versatile board allowing you to monitor the battery, set alarms (i.e. door alarm), switch hardware or relays (on/off) and reduce crashback.

Ideal for high site repeaters with limited access



Features and Benefits

Unique Identity Code – Each board has its own identity code

Relays – The ability to control the site remotely by switching items on/off using the relays. The default ‘power on’ state of the relays can be set to on or off.

Acknowledgement – The ability to receive confirmation via Morse code (3 wpm) that the changes have been implemented.

Sub Audio – Filters out all signal below 300htz eg. CTCSS

Audio Level Adjustment – For equalizing audio levels between radios

Test Inputs – Allows for remote testing of selected input devices. Eg monitoring of door switches. The ability to set an alarm notification if a door is opened or closed on site, it will then transmit hourly that code until the alarm is acknowledged

Crash back suppression – Reduces the amount of crash backs heard over the radio network. If multiple repeaters are used this filter reduces the crash back by 1 for each repeater it is used on.

Analogue Voltage sensor – Senses 0-24 volts. Requested remotely using DTMF tones and returns a numerical value in morse code.

Linking Control – Remotely switch off the linking between two radios

Link Masking – In the event of a radio loosing power, the board will mask the busy signal from that radio, therefore preventing the system from locking up


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