UHF Portable Repeater

Portable UHF repeater 1-25 watt Tx output.

(note photos show the VHF ES Band repeater, the UHF repeater has a smaller antenna).

  • Portable repeater 1-25 watt Tx output with wide or narrow band channel spacing (12.5 Khz or 25 kHz). 5 Mhz frequency split between transmitter.
  • Ground plane independent antenna supplied in its own carry tube. It is in a labelled red tube to ensure it is easy to see and not left behind – which has happened.
  • 450 – 500 Mhz, 12.5 Khz or 25 kHz band width and 5 Mhz frequency split.
  • Large internal sealed 40 A/h capacity battery (replacements available throughout New Zealand and overseas), external extra battery connector and leads (or solar) plus it’s own internal mains charger. Leave it permanently connected to the mains when in store so it is ready to go. These external mains connections are with water proof connectors.
  • The transmitter has an isolator which means if the antenna is left off no harm will happen to the repeater.
  • The repeater has an external SO259 socket (UHF socket) that can have a different type of antenna connected if required.
  • Low current draw of less then 120 mA on receive and transmit current depends on transmit power.
  • Water proof Pelican case.
  • This repeater uses off the shelf radios so long term support is assured.
  • 1 year guarantee on parts and workmanship.

Cost will vary depending on the band you need.

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