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XDetech – PIM

XDetech – Passive Intermodulation Detector


Xdetech is a ‘portable active intermodulation detector’ (X marks the spot of detecton) for locating the source of radio signal Passive Intermodulation. PIM interference.

The effect of Passive intermodulation is unwanted signals on a receiver/s, possibly causing broken speech, other speech, lost data signals, data noise, poor performance and de-sence of a receiver.

Product Description

This instrument is designed to quickly locate the exact position of radio intermodulation interference producing sources. Locating faulty or non-linear or rusty joints or components associated with coax, antennas, towers, masts, roofs, and support structures.

The instrument generates two radio carriers and gives a calibrated visual and audible indication of the interference produced by these carriers mixing in a non-linear device.

Xdetech are portable, active (two carrier) intermodulation detectors which identify the source of passive intermodulation (PIM) which can become a source of signal interference.

X-Detech Highly trained electronics personnel spend hours searching for the source of interference. In many cases, unnecessary repairs and maintenance work is carried out without resolving the problem. Until now.

Xdetech has proved overwhelmingly successful with companies and networks by reducing down time and significantly increasing their knowledge on intermodulation issues. This understanding reduces costs by installing and maintaining equipment and plant efficiently.

The source of this interference often proves to be faulty antenna or rusty or loose joints in a tower or mast, causing intermodulation interference.

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