Pacific P6003 SeaMaster Classic - VHF 1.8M Ultraglass Antenna

Pacific P6003 SeaMaster Classic - VHF 1.8M Ultraglass Antenna
SeaMaster – Classic Range \n \nP6003 - VHF 1.8M ULTRAGLASS ANTENNA \n \nOur SeaMaster range is ideal for those boaties who don't want to remove their antennas. These antennas are a half wave design, have 3dBi gain and come hard wired with 5m of cable. This range includes a selection of antennas, mounts and cables. \n \n1.8m Ultraglass antenna. A rugged and durable antenna which performs beyond the expectations of most small boat owners. Half wave design with glass filled nylon ferrule, hardwired with 5m cable and FastFit plugs. Use with the P6006, P6007 or P6080
NZ$ 148.90
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