GME AE4026 UHF Compact Magnet Antenna, Quick Fit

GME AE4026 UHF Compact Magnet Antenna, Quick Fit
Rugged, high performance Antennas to suit Australia's harsh conditions

Most antennas are built to maximise reception distance but with the disadvantage of having to install the coaxial cable through the vehicle's firewall and mount on a bracket either on the bullbar, gutter, mirror or other location. The AE4026, on the other hand, has a rare earth magnet antenna which can magnetise to any steel surface (preferably the roof!).

The coaxial cable is thinner so it can be easily pushed into the pillar mount and fed down to where the radio is located. It is also fitted with an FME connector, so there's no soldering! This allows this antenna to be moved from vehicle to vehicle if needed and can be removed easily if you sell your car without any damage to the vehicle.

The disadvantage is that the range is not as good as a properly installed antenna, but sometimes you only need a few kilometres of range for your UHF...

  • Rare earth magnet base

  • Helical style

  • Length 62mm

  • Pre-terminated FME plug

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