RFI VHF Ground Independent Mopole 148 - 175 MHz - MBC Base

RFI VHF Ground Independent Mopole 148 - 175 MHz - MBC Base
CD28-41-50 Features:

Utilising a patented matching circuit, the CD28-41-50 antennas are end fed dipole antennas combining a durable thermoplastic housing with a flexible tapered stainless whip section resistant to knocks and bends.

• Performance - Exhibits 3 dB improvement in performance over a 1/4 wave whip
• Versatile - Ground independent design allows use in alternative mounting locations
• Rugged - The transformer circuit is housed within a high impact thermoplastic moulding which is virtually indestructible
• Unique termination method simplifies installation and re-cabling in the field
• Designed, manufactured and patented in Australia [Australian Patent # 596830 and 656793]

(1) MopoleTM antennas such as the CD28 have been shown to exhibit a 3dB improvement in received signal level in the field when compared to a ¼ wave whip however in pattern tests exhibit only 1.5 to 2dB over a ¼ wave (equivalent to 1.5-2dBi). This improvement in performance can be attributed to a lower radiation angle level of these ground independent antennas.

(2) Available pre-terminated with 5m 8058 RG58C/U. Use -73 or -53 suffix to replace -70 or -50 suffix
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